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My name is Dan King Sr. I am a resident of Dublin, GA. I am also a certified senior advisor, pastoral counselor, and registered mediator. Attracted to the pretty Georgia pines setting of Greenwood Place Retirement Center many times in my travels, with the intention to stop in for a visit, I finally visited recently.   I was pleasantly rewarded with an attractive interior decor and friendly care providers. I enjoyed interacting with both the residents and the owners. I learned the center is family owned and operated, hands on, and that the owners appear to relate to their guests as family. I heard of instances when the owners stayed with sick residents overnight both at the center and the hospital. I think that's pretty remarkable. My visit was not really a long one, and I did not find out all that I would like to know about Greenwood Place Retirement Center. But I plan to visit again soon--and find out more. 

DKSr from  Dublin GA